Monetize Your Expertise by Selling Your Knowledge & Skills through an Online Course 🚀
 (…without worrying about equipment, tools, production, complex host platforms, or marketing)
Patron PRO will help you generate a passive income stream with online courses. 
It's just a matter of sharing your expertise, and we'll handle everything from equipment to marketing!

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Generate up to 6 figures in revenue by leveraging the power of an online course! 
Whatever your current situation is, don’t you want to…
⭐️  Make thousands every month while only spending a few hours answering questions regarding your expertise each week?
⭐️  Add another income stream that generates money even while you are asleep?
⭐️  Have more freedom to work when you want, teaching what you love, from wherever you want?
⭐️  Get more time to spend with your family and live your life!
If you want to achieve these things in life… then the key is to…
Monetize Your Knowledge!
Creating an online course is the easiest way to monetize your knowledge.
Oh, and before you think online courses don’t sell, know this:
According to research, the number of students taking online courses has exceeded twice the pre-pandemic levels! (Coursera).
And the online learning industry generated USD 309 Billion in 2021, which is expected to grow 23% annually (Forbes).
So, if your course adds value to your audience and solves their problems, you are sure to make money out of it.
Like any other business venture, creating online courses comes with its challenges.
Apart from being intimately familiar with your subject, you need to…
•    Find a well-equipped hosting solution, know about online course platforms, copywriting etc.
•    Understand how to structure the content to keep learners engaged.
•    Use the right marketing strategies to reach and expand your audience.
•    Beat the competition from existing online courses, YouTube tutorials, and traditional schools. 
However, if done right, it can be a life-changing opportunity that has the potential to fuel your freedom instead of stealing it. 
That’s where Patron PRO comes in!
Partner with Patron PRO to create high-selling online courses without worrying about the technicalities.
Patron PRO specializes in creating impactful video content and online courses. We have created brilliant work for Discovery, CNN, Olympic Channel, NHK, French TV 1, ARTE, Canal+, and Paris's M6. When Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Business Insider went digital, they turned to us to produce their online videos.  And we are proud to tell you those videos got millions of views online!
By offering our expertise, we want to make it easier for you to monetize your expertise through online course creation. Your only concern will be to teach the students… And we’ll take care of everything else for you.
✅    You won’t have to worry about marketing and promoting the course.
✅    You won’t have to produce video lessons.
✅    You won’t have to build the course from scratch and face a behemoth of challenges.
✅    You won’t have to worry about graphic design or copywriting.
✅    You won’t have to worry about product launch and closing. 
The only thing you need to focus on is TEACHING and conveying your message to your students while we’ll take care of everything else.
Now… you must be asking…
How much time do I need to commit as an online teacher?
⭐️ The creation of a short 2-hour long mini-course requires about 15 days of work. 
⭐️ A 4-hour or longer masterclass requires about 25 days of work.
⭐️ Once a course is created, you will need to dedicate one day/week to participate in the online learning community and post content online.
⭐️ One day/month is also required to support marketing activities.
How much money will you earn?
A successful online course can make six figures in revenue, while very successful online courses can go on to make seven and even eight figures. 
The online teacher and Patron PRO will share the profit from the online course sales.
Why work with Patron PRO?
As you’re the expert in your niche…
Patron PRO are the experts in creating high-quality videos and online courses.
We are trusted by CNN, Honda, Business insider, Adobe, Nissan, and many other leading companies to create high-quality content for them.
And now, we are here to help you create a high-selling online course without worrying about any technicalities.
"Patron Pro created a well-structured series of videos, with impactful visuals, and explaining step-by-step what the waste bank is and how it works. Patron PRO shot plenty of insightful stakeholders, making this learning material very alive, and delivering a clear picture of the waste bank system for the learners.
I believe this video series will inspire people".
Miwa Tatsuno, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.
Interested in generating income through course creation?
Now, all you need to do is click on the button below to book a call, and we’ll discuss the project in detail.
Let’s partner now, expand your monthly income with online courses, and change the lives of your students!

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